The Concorde Collection Duty Free Catalogue

This duty free catalogue titled, "CONCORDE: The Collection," was available to Concorde passengers on-board in July 2003. It contains photos of several items that were available for sale to passengers in-flight, including many unique Concorde souvenirs, and items are featured on pages printed with detail photographs (i.e., up close photos of specific parts) of Concorde in the background. This catalogue is a very nice Concorde collector's item in excellent condition, and it's sure to gain value as Concorde flights are withdrawn!!

Concorde service ended in October 2003 when British Airways removed the plane from commercial service indefinitely. Now that this legendary supersonic passenger service has come to an end, I expect this superb collector's item from Concorde to become even more rare and valuable. Now is a great time to invest in Concorde memorabilia!!

This photo shows the cover of the catalogue (above).

These photos (below) show the pages that feature Concorde-specific souvenirs.

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