British Airways Concorde Green Leatherette Flight Kit Folder w/ Stationary (Blemished)

NOTICE: This particular Concorde flight folder has a small crack on the outside where the front flap bends around. Please do not purchase this item if this minor blemish is not acceptable to you. I don't believe that the value of this kit as a collector's item is significantly diminished by this crack, but in the interest of being as straightforward and honest as possible, I've inserted this notice into this item's description and provided a photo below. The contents of the flight folder are unaffected by this.

Ununsed British Airways Concorde green flight kit folder with stationary. This flight folder was given to passengers on-board and is made of Green leatherette embossed with the Concorde logo. Inside, it includes:

• Concorde Flight Certificate
• Green Concorde Note Pad
• White Concorde Embossed Stationary
• White Concorde Embossed Envelopes
• Two Concorde Postcards
• Concorde Information Booklet

This flight folder is an excellent collectable and makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else!!

Concorde service ended in October 2003 when British Airways removed the plane from commercial service indefinitely. Now that this legendary supersonic passenger service has come to an end, I expect this superb collector's item from Concorde to become even more rare and valuable. Now is a great time to invest in Concorde memorabilia!!

This photo shows the inside of the
flight folder with its contents.

This smaller photo shows the
flight folder when closed.

NOTICE: This particular green flight folder has a
small crack on the outside flap, as shown here.

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